Teradata Query Performance Tuning: DWHPros Guide (English Edition)

Teradata is one of the most sophisticated, high-performance database systems for the data warehouse sector. But as with all shared-nothing, massively parallel processing systems, it is necessary to use the available resources to efficiently achieve optimal performance. In this Teradata book, we share over 25 years of knowledge and experience in SQL tuning.We describe in a simple and comprehensible way all the information that must be considered when one is called to improve anything from a single badly-performing query up to the entire DWH workload of overnight batch processes failing to meet the service level agreements. The Teradata book follows the full lifecycle of a Teradata DWH, from the architecture and design to optimizing data access paths and execution plans. Anyone involved in the development, administration, or database design will benefit from the tips and tricks presented in this book.

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Book Title: Teradata Query Performance Tuning: DWHPros Guide (English Edition)

Book Author: Roland Wenzlofsky

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